Corporate Wellness,  Vancouver

Corporate Wellness Benefits

It’s been reported that stress costs the Canadian economy approximately 33 Billion dollars a year, in other words, it’s safe to say that the health and wellness of employees is a very real and growing concern for all Canadian businesses. Corporate wellness initiatives are a great way to support employees in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Some of the reported benefits include:

  • Reducing employee turnover, sick days, and absences
  • Improving productivity and stimulating creativity
  • Enhancing company culture by encouraging self-care
  • Facilitating team bonding through group experiences

I have thirteen years of experience as an acupuncturist and have been an avid meditator for over 10 years. The program I have designed is one that integrates these two modalities. Both Chinese Medicine and Meditation has been around for thousands of years….it is no coincidence that these have stood the test of time.
What I offer…

Group Acupuncture & Meditation

I offer group acupuncture and meditation sessions (10-20 people). These sessions can take place before the work day, at lunchtime or after work. Staff will relax, restore, renew and rejuvenate their bodies. Specific acupuncture points are chosen to bring balance and harmony into the body. Participants will be guided through a meditation…slow deep breaths will help move Qi energy through the body. Time will slow down and stress will melt away.
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